Apps for Creativity

Micro-moments of creativity throughout the day boost overall creative thinking, productivity, and wire the brain for innovation.

I’ve published three creativity-inspiring apps in the Google Play store.

They are:

my apps

6 Word Stories

1) Choose either 6 Words (with prompt), 6 Words (without prompt), or 3 Words
For 6 Words (without prompt), enter your story in six words. For example, “Bought the cereal, forgot the milk.” Tap “Save” and the app will save your story.

Need ideas? Choose 6 Words (with prompt). Tap “Need Ideas?” and you’ll see an idea appear. If you like it, write your 6 Word Story about it! For example, if the idea is “Delicious,” you might write, “Chocolate covered strawberries in ice cream.” Tap “Save” and the app will save your story.

For 3 Words, you’ll be given the first 3 words. You enter the last three words. For example, you might be given “I ran out” and then you add the last 3 words, for example, “the door screaming.” Make every story your own. Note: if you want a different first 3 words, just tap “Need Ideas?” again. Tap “Save” and the app will save your story.

2) See Saved Stories – tap this to see your saved stories. Hold your finger on a story to select, edit, delete, download, or share. Select multiple boxes at a time to download more than one to the same document, or delete more than one. You can even edit the first 3 words that were given to you if you used 3 Words.

My Daily Haiku

Save your thoughts of the day in a Haiku poem! The Haiku is a beautiful little piece of poetry containing 17 syllables in three lines. The first line has 5 syllables. The second has 7 syllables, and the last line has 5 syllables. Give your Haiku a title, and then place your thoughts into the lines.
Here’s an example:

This is Haiku

Five syllables here
Seven syllables go here
Five more and you’re done!

Here’s another example:

Waking Up

My dream was replaced
by the rough tongue of my cat
abrading my face.

Be funny, be serious, be thoughtful, be creative! It’s all up to you!

Need inspiration? Click Get Ideas for some prompts you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

When you click on the Submit button, your Haiku will be saved with the date. You can revisit, share, or download your Haikus from the See Saved Haikus page.

Express your year in Haikus and then download them into an ebook. Share your favorites with your friends. Revisit your memories any time. My Daily Haiku is a wonderful app you can use any time.

Reflective Moments

Reflective Moments gives you a quick daily 30-second prompt and a place to submit and save your answers.

Your answers are saved, and can be reviewed, downloaded, or shared.

In just 30 seconds a day, you’ll have a chance to reflect and record the moments that matter.
Think of it as journaling for the busy person – just as meaningful, and designed to fit into your busy schedule!

Open the app, select Reflect, and you’ll be given a prompt to fill in. Click save when you’re done!

To review your previous entries, select See Saved Entries. From there, you can select your entries to download, share, or delete. Your saved entries will automatically display with the newest at the top. To sort with the oldest on top, click the “older” button. Hold your finger on one of the prompts on the list and you will see check boxes appear to the left. Select those that you’d like to download or delete, and touch the download or delete button.

Reiki Distance Healing Made Simple

reiki-distance-healing-made-simple-coverReiki Distance Healing Made Simple:
A no-symbols guide to offering powerful remote healing sessions

This useful ebook is for Reiki practitioners who wish to learn more about, and strengthen their distance healing practice. It offers down-to-earth information in clear language, including: explaining distance healing; traditional and innovative techniques; how to remotely assess someone’s energy; and simple methods for channeling Reiki and other healing energy modalities across time, distance, and for many uses. Resources for continued learning are included. Acclaimed Reiki Master Teacher, Alice Langholt shares her experiences, with practical examples, for anyone using, or interested in learning more about distance healing.

Find Yourself Here: Musings on the Meaning in Existence

You were never lost. But, if you feel lost, open this book to help you reconnect with your true essence, purpose, and the rich meaning in this experience called life.

This book, rich with poetry, and beautiful graphics, will inspire you to see yourself again the way you’re meant to be.

Avaifyh-cover-adjustlable on Amazon here.

Special offer – get a signed copy by ordering here. Please indicate the name (if desired) for Alice to inscribe the book to.


Color Into Your Life – An Adult Coloring Book to Inspire You!

Color Into Your Life coverStudies show that coloring is as effective as meditation for reducing stress and calming the mind. Let these inspiring words and beautiful designs bring out your zen for coloring. Use markers, gel pens, colored pencils, or even paints, and let your creativity take flight! Shade the words and feel their energy infuse your life.

As you fill the specially-chosen, inspirational words on the page with color, you engage the energy of those words, and you manifest more of that quality into your life. When the page is finished, be open to noticing the ways that quality begins flowing into your daily experiences.

The quotes on the facing pages are there to offer you some deeper ways to invite the words to play with you.

The process of coloring is found to be as beneficial and relaxing as meditation. Enjoy the activity and the results! Notice how you feel when you’re done.

Flip through the whole book here:

50 images and inspirational quotes on each facing page. 106 pages. $7.99 Order on Amazon here.
Sample pages:
18 P1

A Moment for Teachers

A Moment for Teachers front cover 3A Moment for Teachers:
Self-Care for Busy Teachers
101 free ways for teachers to become more inspired, peaceful, and confident in 30 seconds


You will need 30 seconds. That’s all.

Start at the beginning, or turn to a random page. Every page has a title, a benefit, and simple directions. Read and complete the task on the page.

If you know that you are in the mood for a creative, confidence-boosting, stress-releasing, or peace-promoting task, use the Index at the back of the book to choose the one that fits your interest.

Notice the positive changes you go through because you took that 30 second break. Many of these tasks can also be shared with your students, allowing them to benefit too.

The changes you’ll experience will last for far more than 30 seconds. You’ll find yourself gaining more presence, patience, confidence and becoming much happier if you do this regularly. The energy in your classroom will positively change, and your students are sure to notice too. Using this book could become a wonderful little daily ritual.

By the way, the writing tasks have a blank page beside them for jotting your notes. This means that all you need for those is a pen. If there isn’t a pen nearby, use a pencil. Even a broken crayon will work. You probably have plenty in your classroom. It’s ok to write in the book. Later, when you read what you wrote, it will become part of your reflective process, displaying how you’ve grown.

137 pages
Available on Amazon
Paperback $7.97
Kindle $2.99

Alice’s other publications

The A Moment for Me product line – 30 second care for busy peoplem4m stuffIncludes: A Moment for Us cards, A Moment for Success cards, Adhesive Affirmations stickers, the A Moment for Me 365 Day Calendar, and A Moment for Me Cards. See them at


cardsEnergy Healing Cards  
Energy Healing Cards are a tool for anyone practicing Reiki or other energy healing techniques. Beautiful, full color cards each feature an intention and an affirmation to inspire and encourage your daily healing practice. Choose a card for extra healing, meditation or journaling, or inspiration.

Energy Healing Cards app – Available for iOS and Android ($2.99).

A Moment for Me app – Free, no install needed, opens in a browser on any internet-capable device.




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