A Moment for Us: Care for Busy Couples

cover (2)cover_back (3) A Moment for Us: Care for Busy Couples
101 free ways for couples to enjoy more love, caring, and togetherness in 30 seconds.

You will need 30 seconds. That’s all.

Start at the beginning, or turn to a random page. Each page has a title, a benefit, and simple directions. Read and complete the task on the page.

Or, if you know that you are in the mood for a communication-enhancing, self-reflective, or time-together-oriented task, use the Index at the back of the book to choose one that fits your interest.

Doing the tasks in this book will give you and your partner a chance to learn about each other, grow closer, express appreciation, have better communication, and value each other in new and meaningful ways.

People are busy. Working on the relationship can take a back seat to a full schedule. This book will help you strengthen your bond in just 30 seconds, whenever you want. And, it works.

These 30 second tasks will bring about benefits which last far longer. A Moment for Us will help if you use it alone to improve your part in the relationship, or if you and your partner each try the tasks inside.

Feel good about this 30 second time. Just trying the tasks in this book means that you want to have a stronger relationship, even if your time is severely limited. That intention is all you need to get started.

Take a 30 second Moment for Us. Let these moments help you and your partner nurture a strong, loving relationship.

Category: self-help, 110 pages
Available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle formats
Paperback $7.97; Kindle $2.99

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