Color Into Your Life – An Adult Coloring Book to Inspire You!

Color Into Your Life coverStudies show that coloring is as effective as meditation for reducing stress and calming the mind. Let these inspiring words and beautiful designs bring out your zen for coloring. Use markers, gel pens, colored pencils, or even paints, and let your creativity take flight! Shade the words and feel their energy infuse your life.

As you fill the specially-chosen, inspirational words on the page with color, you engage the energy of those words, and you manifest more of that quality into your life. When the page is finished, be open to noticing the ways that quality begins flowing into your daily experiences.

The quotes on the facing pages are there to offer you some deeper ways to invite the words to play with you.

The process of coloring is found to be as beneficial and relaxing as meditation. Enjoy the activity and the results! Notice how you feel when you’re done.

Flip through the whole book here:

50 images and inspirational quotes on each facing page. 106 pages. $7.99 Order on Amazon here.
Sample pages:
18 P1

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