First Family

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Awarded 2016 Finalist for Inspirational Fiction in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards.

You may have heard the story of Adam and Eve. But, the biblical account leaves many questions unanswered. How did Eve entice Adam to eat that fateful fruit? What did God think about their disobedience? How did they figure out how to survive outside the garden? What did Eve think about being pregnant? What were Cain and Abel like as kids, and how did they get along with their parents? Why did Abel and Cain decide to make an offering to God, and what were God’s reasons for rejecting Cain’s? What happened when Cain killed Abel, and what was it like for Adam and Eve to discover what had happened?

First Family is a modern language journey through the story of Adam and Eve, told by the characters themselves, as they fill in the gaps in the story with breathtakingly real first person descriptions of growth, discoveries, angst, joy, determination, and heart. First Family is today’s voice for the story behind the familiar story of Adam and Eve. Themes of love, loss, grief and faith will resonate with every reader.

Awarded 5 stars by Readers' Favorite
Awarded 5 stars by Readers’ Favorite

Literary Fiction, Biblical Fiction
Available for Kindle and paperback.
Paperback, 146 pages, $7.97
Kindle, $4.99

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First Family by Alice Langholt

First Family

by Alice Langholt

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Here are some video readings from the book.

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