Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health

practicalreikinewhandsPractical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health – A guide to a strong, revolutionary energy healing method

If you’ve never heard of Reiki, this book will explain it in plain, clear language.

Reading the book will help you understand what Reiki is, how it works, how it helps, and how it can be learned. This book presents a down-to-earth, “woo-woo-free” approach that’s easy to understand whether you’ve had any experience with intuition or none at all. Anyone who wants to learn to connect with the innate, natural power for healing is capable of doing so.

If you already practice Reiki, this book will show you the true essence of working with energy, beneath the ritual, symbols, and mystery surrounding the practice.

It will widen your knowledge and strengthen your connection.

Practical Reiki  is a new, revolutionary Reiki modality for everyone who wishes to quickly and easily learn to practice Reiki energy healing for themselves and others. It is simple, strong, and will change your life. The entire method through Master level can be learned in just three weeks.

This book is the manual for the Practical Reiki (TM) method. In order to become a practitioner or teacher of Practical Reiki, one needs to receive attunements and training from a Practical Reiki Master, a person empowered to pass on this ability. It can be learned in person or via distance. Find a teacher at

Reading this book will not provide the necessary attunements to be a Practical Reiki  practitioner or Master teacher. It will teach you about Reiki in a no-nonsense way and inform you about a great Reiki method to learn.

137 pages, category: alternative healing, energy healing
Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, and at (as a set with The Practical Reiki Companion Workbook, which includes a 2 hour instruction video by the author)
Paperback: $13.18 (Amazon) or $25 for the book and workbook set from Reiki Awakening Academy
Kindle: $7.99 

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