The Practical Reiki Companion workbook

PRC front coverThe Practical Reiki Companion: A workbook for use with Practical Reiki, for balance, well being, and vibrant health.

The Practical Reiki Companion workbook is designed to be utilized while learning Practical ReikiTM. Use it to keep track of your experiences, practices, and progress. The workbook will encourage you to be mindfully aware of your intuitive sensations and growth, journal your feelings, and enhance your energy by engaging your reflective thought processes throughout your practice sessions.

This full color interior is filled with reflective prompts designed to help you tune into your emerging and developing intuitive channels while encouraging presence and awareness throughout each Reiki session. Inspirational pictures grace the pages, making this workbook a beautiful journal you’ll want to keep and review for years to come.

Category: alternative health, energy healing
72 pages, full color
Paperback and Kindle versions available, or purchaseĀ as a set with the Practical Reiki textbook from and receive a 2 hour instruction video taught by the author.

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